TAGO sees its mission in being everything modern Ukrainian fashion is, which is being trendy and universal. TAGO’s typical client is very active daily: going for a run in the morning, participating in a business meeting just a few hours later, followed by lunch with her girlfriends and going partying at the end of the day. Therefore, brand’s main idea is to please the tastes of fashionable women and girls, and offer stylish clothing for all the aspects of their lives.


Ever since TAGO’s first shop was opened up 10 years ago, it has been fast expanding, as well as developing its vast loyal customer network. Among brand’s devoted admirers you can find many Ukrainian celebrities and IT-girls. TAGO has also collaborated on projects with VOGUE, Buro 24/7, Cosmopolitan, different Ukrainians designers and participated in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

So, is there any secret behind such a success of the brand? The key points of TAGO’s work are: a wide range of goods which we constantly supplement with new pieces of clothing, high quality and individual customer approach. The given factors constantly provide a positive shopping outcome. TAGO has its own clothing philosophy which is called to match the desires and needs of modern stylish women. These women no longer chose clothes based on the season, they prefer shops which hold all range of goods and can satisfy any wish of a customer.


Tatyana Chumak together with her team of highly-skilled and experienced designers create “live and emotional” clothing. Their goods are easily matched together, they also conform to up-to-date trends and intellectual fashion novelties. An ideal model and fit can only be achieved by tailors and designer being on the same wavelength and thoroughly working with every detail. For this reason, TAGO never hires simple experts, but is seeking for those devoted and loving their jobs.

TAGO is everything! It is a style in smart clothing, a romance of the first date, a sexy for flirt, a charm in daily life, at the same time it can be posh for fashionable events and practical and comfortable for outdoor activities. Combining these all in one place TAGO provides its customers with easy and time-efficient shopping.

We design our boutiques in a manner of homey and cozy walk in wardrobes to eliminate the atmosphere of just another boring shop. Here a TAGO customer will be offered a cup of coffee and a pleasant no-rush ambiance of communication with its fashion consultants. The latter ones will carefully ask about every detail of the image a customer is willing to create and gladly help her to reach the desired results.

TAGO understands every woman and wants to help them to be satisfied with their shopping. If a customer is lacking time due to her busy life style, the brand can suggest her make most of its internet boutique providing pleasing service and really quick delivery at www.tago.ua.