The brand TAGO was founded in 2006 by Tatyana Chumak. For 13 years it has gained popularity in Ukraine and abroad with popular bloggers, actresses, singers and TV presenters. All the collections of the brand are limited and to buy desirable clothes you must sign up for a waitlist in advance.

There are 7 facts about TAGO which reveal the secrets how the successful brand was created.


Tatyana Chumak doesn’t have a degree in design, but economic education has helped her to build successfully the business concept of the brand and rise the Ukrainian light industry to a new level. “I always knew that my life would be connected with fashion,” said Tatyana. “However, I clearly understood that first of all it was a business. When I graduated from the Economics Department Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, I had already had a business plan. I invested my start-up capital into a manufactory. The goal was obvious to create a successful Ukrainian clothing brand”


The lifestyle TAGO is a combination of fashion trends and our own views to the style. The images combine a variety of prints, colors, styles and directions. The main rule is convenience and comfort. The heart of the collection is casual that can be easily accompanied with sporty, romantic or even business style with interesting details.


TAGO shows the main collections twice a year at the Ukrainian fashion week. The brand is one of the first that started working in the format See Now — Buy Now. Each month TAGO releases limited capsules that immediately become bestsellers.


The brand launched fashion collaboration in Ukraine. The first collection made in collaboration with Viktor Anisimov was presented in 2014. Then there were sensational collaborations with NAVRO, Liliia Pustovit, Frolov, Vareniky Fashion etc.

Made in Ukraine

The TAGO manufactory occupies 1000 square meters and produces textile and knitwear. There are more than 100 people and 150 units of modern equipment involved in the creation of TAGO collections.


Tatiana travels a lot, attends fabric exhibitions in different countries, communicates with fashion insiders, collects trend books and makes up moodboards which later turn into capsule collections. Yet the most inspiring for her is how TAGO clothing changes people. It is a powerful tool that can change a whole life.


The success of the brand is a cooperation of the whole TAGO team, in which everyone is at their place and is responsible for a particular work. The brand collaborates with the best publications, stylists, models and photographers. Each new project, each new acquaintance is an opportunity to know and learn something new, gain and share experience.